• iCount DVD Series

    iCount is a series that uses animation and teenagers to explain complex accountancy issues. This 26 episode DVD series was created in association with Hi Mom for grade 10,11 and 12 accountancy. Each episode is 8 minutes in duration and covers a specific problem, the episodes are designed to be viewed via a computer or downloaded to a mobile phone for increased accessibility for learners. Read More
  • Managing Your Money

    In collaboration with the National Department of Education, and with the close collaboration with each of the nine Provincial Departments of Education, Bright Media developed a proposal to address the critical need for Financial Capability development in South African youth, thriugh the Maths Literacy materials as well as an extensive face-to-face training element: Managing Your Money Grades 10, 11 and 12. Read More
  • Financial Freedom

    This project was developed for the South African Insurance Association (SAIA) project, funded by the Financial Education Fund (FEF) in South Africa to promote financial literacy in all South African adults, measured in radio audiences and utilising four broadcast stations and one non-broadcast station as a control group. Read More
  • Maintenance Multimedia

    Ingrid Bruynse has personally developed the concept of Maintenance Multimedia, sought funding through the Open Society Foundation, and piloted the animated episodes in the Family Court in Johannesburg as a pilot.The current figures for a “success rate' for maintenance applicants of only 16% in Johannesburg Family Court. Read More
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Curriculum News - Planning for 2010 and beyond

This newsletter is the first of a series of updates by the Department of Basic Education as part of its campaign to ensure that all South Africans are kept informed of the developments in education.

The purpose of this newsletter is to inform all role players in education, and in particular, principals and teachers, of the changes that will take place from January 2010. This is part of a Five Year Plan for the improvement of learning and teaching as one of the government’s key priorities. We are not changing the vision of the curriculum transformation process that started after 1994, but we are implementing changes in order to strengthen curriculum implementation. We are striving to achieve quality education for all, inclusive of learners who are vulnerable and experience barriers to learning.

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Important curriculum news - download

Latest News

  • SAIA Financial Literacy Project
  • The Teacher Development Project
  • Stop the Secrecy Bill in 2012!
  • 3 Week Documentary Workshop
  • Mexican University Posts Online
  • International Film Festival
Compulsory fund contribution by the South African short-term insurance industry towards improving the financial literacy education of the nation is a world first and is being used internationally as a best-practice model.

“This is something that our industry can be justifiably proud of,” says Michael McCann, chairman of the South African Insurance Association (SAIA) Consumer Education Committee. Read More
The teacher development iCount project was successfully completed during the first school term in order to allow teachers to continue with its further implementation during the second term. SAIA members from the Consumer Education Committee attended a workshop at the Voortrekker High School which was well attended.

All SAIA members and teachers were impressed with the iCount content and material. It was a very active workshop with vibrant activities and a lot of interaction. Read More

Right 2 KnowThe Secrecy Bill remains a threat to the free flow of information that feeds South Africa's democracy. You can check out this page for a summary of the current problems with the Secrecy Bill, as well as a link to the R2K founding statement, R2K Freedom Test, and a recent presentation that unpacks the current version of the Secrecy Bill in some detail.

Read More

Take a workshop with Barefoot and make a difference in the world by using your knowledge together with HD technology. Create skills that will allow you to continue making positive change anywhere and everywhere. This class is structured for individuals who are interested in mixing travel, social activism, and HD documentary filmmaking into three weeks in Cape Town.

Read More

The National Autonomous University of Mexico, better known as UNAM, has said it will make virtually all of its publications, databases, and course materials freely available on the Internet over the next few years—a move that some academics speculated could push other universities in the region to follow suit.

Read More

The 33rd edition of Durban International Film Festival will take place from 19 to 29 July 2012. The festival will present over 200 screenings of films from around the world, with a special focus on films from South African and Africa. Screenings will take place throughout Durban including township areas where cinemas are non-existent. The festival calls for entries from around the world.

Read More