iCount Overview

iCount is a series that uses animation and teenagers to explain complex accountancy issues. This 26 episode DVD series was created in association with Hi Mom for grade 10,11 and 12 accountancy. Each episode is 8 minutes in duration and covers a specific problem, the episodes are designed to be viewed via a computer or downloaded to a mobile phone for increased accessibility for learners.

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iCount Episode 01

In this episode you will meet the characters and learn about importance for working out a budget. You will also learn about Expected and unexpected costs.

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iCount Episode 02

EPISODE 2: It is a partnership.
The characters are going on a trip in this episode you will learn about how to plan a budget, what contributions each partner should make and what is included in a budget like expenses, incomes and assets.

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iCount Episode 03

EPISODE 3: Unexpected expenses
In this episode you will learn about Unplanned expenses. This episode also helps you understand about assets and liabilities, and how to analyse risk and how to make a good business decision.

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iCount Episode 04

EPISODE 4: Hitchhiker disaster
In this episode you will learn how to be responsible with your money. Banking, applying for a loan, looking at business opportunities and start-up capital for a new business. We also look at what to do when bad things happen to your finances.

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iCount Episode 05

EPISODE 5: getting the business of the ground
This episode is all about business. We look at how to evaluate a profitable business idea. What is involved in starting a business, how to calculate the running cost of a business, the feasibility of starting a business and the cost of sales.

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iCount Episode 06

EPISODE 6: Stocking up In this episode we look at stock and staff issues. Stock and your staff will be your biggest expenses in your business. We will look at how to determine if your company can afford to employ staff, salaries and wages. We will also cover all issues to do with stock like determining Profit, Income and expenses. What Capital in stock and making sure your stock is correctly insured as backup plan.

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