About Us

Who we are and what we do...

Bright Media was formed in 2006, when the founders, left the SABC to develop Bright Media as a specialist South African educational media development and training organisation.

Bright Media works with both government and corporate clients and stakeholders in complex projects that require a dedicated multimedia production service of educational and developmental programmes for specific audiences, such as the child audience, or the teacher audience, working with both stakeholders, research and users that educate while using compelling formats at the same time.

Bright Media develops multimedia production projects that focus on making a difference in the lives of users. We focus on educational projects that make a positive difference to the lives of ordinary people. Those most in need are the ones least likely to receive the knowledge, skills and change in life circumstances that can truly change their lives. The projects that we develop and work on, make a difference.

Our expertise and track record shows experience and credibility in making media that changes lives: we focus on Teacher training and materials development that are curriculum-aligned – in all learning areas from financial literacy projects (Financial Services Board and South African Insurance Association) to School TV, Learning Channel, Mindset, working with educational TV productions like Tswaraganang, Agent Fab, Pampers Play and Learn, ABSA and others. Our radio project developed wth DIFD funding for the SAIA has shown research evidence that radio can make a difference. We bring expertise dedicated to the specific needs of every individual project. We work with diverse teams and bring specialised expertise including education, children’s programming, drama, entertainment for radio, television, online and new media platforms as well as corporate communications.

Bright Media is a BEE rated company, rated and assessed by Transformex. Our 50% black ownership and 50% female ownership as well as involvement in skills development and transfer of knowledge, skills and abilities through training aspects to all programmes. We also utilise 75% female employment on our projects.